Meet Susan Clifton

Susan Clifton, founder of the web design firm Clifton Design Group, is still sane after years of working with mad men, literally on New York’s “Mad Ave.”

She was then, and still is now, the calming, stabilizing force, the essential element at the core of her design brilliance that keeps everyone on track from going nuts. What web person besides Susan, can you meet who doesn’t stress or flake out under stress?

Susan expects the best from herself, from her co-experts, from you.

Why wouldn’t she? She’s helped bring success to those who expected the best from her: Richard Avedon, Francesco Scavullo, Saul Leiter, Jane Trahey, Peter Rogers Associates, Famolare Shoes, to name a few. Google them if you were born yesterday.

She won at least five Addy Awards, plus a Creativity Award and notoriety in Art Direction Magazine.

That’s just for her graphic art design talent. You should get an eyeful of her fine art featured in museums and galleries.

Because Susan has a natural eye for fresh, innovative, and clean design, you won’t see a trace of the commercially mundane in her web design and development portfolio.

If you want to promote your products and services on the internet and reach larger audiences with greater impact, give the job to CDG. Give it to someone who has always been happily busy on the cutting edge, utilizing the latest in computer technology to produce award winning designs.

Give it to someone who you know is your perfect prospect for a long-lasting and positively smooth and exciting relationship. Someone devoted to putting your heads together, and keeping them together, for absolute success.
Give Susan a call. She’d love to hear from you.

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